Fidic Contracts

Ivan and Associates advisory
FIDIC - International Federation of Consulting Engineers

International Federation of Consulting Engineers (commonly known as FIDIC, acronym for its French name Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils) is an International Organization best known for FIDIC family of contract templates.

FIDIC Form of Contracts are perhaps the most widely used in the international practice for all types of construction contracts, whether for civil or infrastructure works, provide for a specific framework and specific connections between the reality of the site and the legal framework in which the works will take place.

The legal mechanisms specific to FIDIC Contracts require dedicated attention to details, to the continuous interaction between the technical aspects and the law, as well as an applied understanding of the technical aspects.

Our team offers to our clients a unique view to all the aspects relating to FIDIC Contracts, as we continuously maintain the balance between the “on site aspects” and the legal coating around all the aspects that give life to a construction project.

The life of a construction project resides especially in the understanding of the unique interaction between the Contractor’s know how and the proper execution management.


Our lawyers have been advising on implementation of FIDIC Conditions of Contract in major investment infrastructure projects since 2006 on behalf of central public authorities and private contractors and consultants. Our specific experience for both central public authorities and the private sector has helped us in gaining a better understanding of both of the Parties’ needs and objectives, as well as each Parties’ strategies and method of implementation. Our team’s key attribute is the risk assessment with a two-tier thinking -the public authority, as well as the private sector.

Our team has an overall view of each aspect related to a construction contract, as we are currently involved in the biggest Romanian road infrastructure projects based on FIDIC Conditions of Contract.

Our range of legal services related to FIDIC Contracts includes, but not exclusively: analysis of the compatibility of the FIDIC’s rules with the Romanian law, due diligence reports on the Particular Conditions of Contract and the modifications made by the Employer to the General Conditions, risk allocation analysis, differentiation of the respective obligations of the Employer, Contractor and Engineer, managing claims for extension of time and additional costs, legal support and representation regarding the Dispute Adjudication Board proceedings, legal assistance and representation in international arbitration and legal representation in national courts.