Adjudication / Dispute Boards / ADR

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Adjudication / Dispute Boards / ADR

A Dispute Board is a dispute resolution process where either one or more Dispute Board members act as the dispute resolution/prevention facility used on large-scale construction projects.

Apart from the construction area, in which Dispute Resolution Board’s reside, nowadays Dispute Boards are being used on a variety of long-term concession matters, in ship building, and even in health care as part of a hospital system’s dispute resolution process.


Our lawyers have acted as Sole Members or adjudicators on Dispute Boards, thus having a complete and unique view on the mechanisms of adjudication.

Our team has extensive experience dealing with FIDIC Dispute Adjudication Boards and has guided on many occasions our clients in the process of adjudication, providing all the necessary legal support and representation in relation to Dispute Boards.