Ivan and Associates drafting
Drafting Legislation

Our range of legal services related to FIDIC Contracts includes, but not exclusively: analysis of the compatibility of the FIDIC’s rules with the Romanian law, due diligence reports on the Particular Conditions of Contract and the modifications made by the Employer to the General Conditions, risk allocation analysis, differentiation of the respective obligations of the Employer, Contractor and Engineer, managing claims for extension of time and additional costs, legal support and representation regarding the Dispute Adjudication Board proceedings, legal assistance and representation in international arbitration and legal representation in national courts.

When drafting legislation, one should have the ability to overview the entire picture of the domain in case and relate both to practical and theoretical aspects needed to be regulated.

Also, the connection with all related normative acts is of most importance.

Our Perspective

Our experience and ability to understand both public and private perspective has helped us in drafting pieces of major legislation which smoothened the implementation of all major infrastructure projects, and not only, being still in force after more than 10 years.