Contract management

Proper Contract management is the heart of every construction project.

With an objective driven and client focused team, we provide our clients with wide range support in relation to all of the contractual issues, from risk assessment and management to drafting of contractual correspondence.

Needless to point out that contract management also involves high attention to risk events under the contract and their correct assessment. Our team provides legal assistance in the issuing of Notices under the contract and management of such notices, until the finalization of the Risk event.

We understand the essential role of enhanced management of the construction project in the implementation phase, which leads to proper execution and time and cost effective developing of the project. This understanding is reflected in our commitment that all construction projects for which we provide management services are completed in accordance with our clients’ objectives.

As well, we understand the constant need of changing and adjusting of the construction market and, consequently, the stringent need for adjusting and improving contract management. Day-by-day construction management is our answer to the needs of a constantly interactive market, whose need for change resides merely in the developing of the infrastructure sector.

Our team provides day-by-day management services in relation to the largest and most priced infrastructure projects on-going at the present date in Romania, begin involved in their growth from the tender stage, followed by the design and execution stage.

The services we provide to our clients in relation to the day-by-day contract management involve, among others:
  • Providing specialized legal assistance in connection with contractual regulations of FIDIC type contracts in correlation with the Romanian legislation relevant in the Client’s field of activity;
  • Assessing contractual Risks (Employer and Contractor’s Risks) based on the investigation and examination of documentation received from the Client;
  • Providing a multi-tiered management plan of the Claims, in strict correlation to the Risk Events for each type of Contract;
  • Providing contractual assistance and consultancy services throughout the contractual period and managing contractual issues;
  • Reviewing of relevant correspondence within the Contract;
  • Recommending potential approaches for mitigating Client’s exposure to contractual liability in connection with the Contract;
  • Assisting the Client in preparing the mandatory meetings due to the Contract;
  • Counseling in reaching the Milestones (as defined in the Contracts);
  • Analyzing possible situations that may lead to variations, from the perspective of the public procurement legislation;
  • Informing the Client of the changes in national/European legislation which have effect and applicability in the Client’s field of activity, and which refer to the Contracts;
  • Advising on the most adequate contractual and legal interpretation of the applicable Conditions of the Contract;
  • Assistance and advice on the strategy to be followed in order to solve contractual issues;
  • Advising the Client in relation to any situation/risk event that can be subject of a claim notice;
  • An effective assessment of the contractual and legal effects of the contractual correspondence issued by the other Party or by third parties in relation to the Contract;
  • Drafting contractual correspondence;
  • Legal and contractual relationship with the subcontractors and the service providers;
  • Consulting services for the entire contractual claim settlement procedure, as provided in the Main Contract;
  • Drafting, substantiation and legal and contractual support of the Notices of Claim;
  • Drafting, substantiation and legal and contractual support of the Detailed Reports of the Claims in accordance with the contractual provisions (as they are defined in the Contract), in order to avoid the contractual penalties and / or in order to obtain an Extension of Time and additional costs;
  • Legal assistance in negotiating contractual claims;
  • Evaluation and assessment of the Employer's Claims and preparation of documents in support of the Contractor's position;