Advisory Work

Ivan and Associates advisory
Most of the times, it is better to have a lawyer on your side.

This is the reason why our team provides for legal assistance in a wide range of sectors of activity, such as: engineering and construction, public procurement, administrative issues, dispute resolution, commercial law.


Our range of legal services includes, but not exclusively: consulting during the tender procedure, analysis of the Contract conditions, drafting of subcontractor agreements, due diligence reports and legal opinions on various matters.

In addition to that, we assist the client in all phases of the projects undertook, managing the day-by-day contract management, issuing claims for extension of time and additional costs, providing legal support and representation regarding the Dispute Adjudication Board proceedings, legal assistance and representation in international arbitration and legal representation in national courts.

Also, apart from the consultancy and litigation experience, our lawyers are highly experienced also in specialized training for FIDIC type Contracts and public procurement, being accredited trainers in these domains and also adjudicators listed on the ARIC’s National List of Adjudicators.

Our experience has taught us that construction law cannot exist without a proper understanding of each and every one of the phases of the project and without a hint of engineering. As well, our experience in the field of construction law has brought us fresh and improved perspectives over dispute and claim management, with the sole aim at capitalizing our Clients’ needs to become cost and time effective. Our experience in the dispute resolution and arbitration area has taught us that the most effective approach in relation to building on claims is their early management and correct assessment of any of the Risk Events associated with construction contracts and the Romanian market.