Cristina ivan

Cristina Ivan

Cristina Ivan

Managing Partner

Cristina Ivan is the Managing partner of Ivan and Associates. Cristina is a certified trainer and member of ARIC (the Romanian Association of Consulting Engineers).

Cristina is a highly experienced litigator with over 15 years of experience in assisting and consulting public authorities or private companies in connection with the contracting, implementation and development of contracts based on FIDIC Conditions, including consultancy offered to central public authorities for evaluating tenders submitted in public procurement procedures.

She provided in the past counsel for the Minister of Transportation and the National Company of Motorways and National Roads in Romania being able to provide to clients an enhanced experience that combines the vision in both public and private sector. Cristina was involved in the process of adopting the FIDIC Conditions in the Romanian legislation and in drafting the Special Conditions for the Yellow and Red FIDIC contracts used in recent years in Romania for road infrastructure projects.

Cristina is also listed as an Adjudicator on President ARIC's National Adjudicator List. She also has a wide experience as a trainer, teaching courses on FIDIC contracts, as well as public procurement, claim management, etc., to both public authorities and private companies.

Cristina has been consulting for several years important international construction companies in some of the most complex infrastructure contracts in Romania, she has successfully represented clients in front of the DAB (Dispute Adjudication Board) in several FIDIC contracts in the field of infrastructure, as well as in international arbitrations, especially those carried out according to the ICC rules.

Cristina is also specialized in the field of public procurement, providing assistance and representation of clients in the complete range of public procurement phases from drafting up the specific documentation for organizing public procurements, to defending procurement challenges, reviewing procurement documents, challenging results etc.

Why Choose Us

We are experienced in with major projects such as railway projects, road projects, environmental projects and other infrastructure investments, as well as both commercial and investment arbitration.

Ivan and Associates Best Attorneys

Best Attorneys

The Ivan and Associates team consists of professional lawyers, who have the necessary experience, creativity and knowledge to provide top services.

Ivan and Associates management

Day-by-day management

Our team provides day-by-day management services in relation to the largest and most priced infrastructure projects on-going at the present date in Romania.

Ivan and Associates experience

15 years experience

We have a wide experience in assisting and consulting public authorities or private companies in connection with the implementation and development of contracts.

Ivan and Associates Time and Cost Efficiency

Time and Cost Efficiency

Our experience has brought us improved perspectives over dispute and claim management, with the sole aim at capitalizing our Clients’ needs to become cost and time effective.

Ivan and Associates Knowledge


The applied knowledge in our area of expertise was gained with our involvement over the years in both public and private sector.

Ivan and Associates Client Focused

Client Focused

We are commited that all construction projects for which we provide management services are completed in accordance with our clients’ objectives.